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Pleasant Grove City Council

The following actions were taken in Tuesday night's City Council meeting:

- A canvass of the Sept. 8 primary election votes by district showed that 1,687 voted in favor of the general obligation bond to build the Manila Park, and 707 voted in opposition to it.- In a public hearing to review regulation of cable TV, the council reviewed the ordinance requirements and passed the regulation subject to two wording changes. One was made for clarity and the other sets stipulations on crediting customers for temporary loss of services.

- Following the passing of the cable TV regulation, the City Council approved Resolution No. 92-14 making Insight Cablevision the cable franchise for Pleasant Grove City.

- Charges for police services on extracurricular activities were discussed and ideas and feasibility were passed on to the finance director for further consideration.

- The City Council approved partial payment of more than $116,000 to Geneva Rock for summer road work.

- The council adjourned into executive session to discuss the sale of surplus real estate property.