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Salt Lake County officials now say only a handful of ballots cast in Riverton last week were for the wrong candidates - rather than the 240 they reported earlier this week.

The county placed the wrong voting books in some of the booths in six different Riverton voting districts during the Sept. 8 primary. The wrong books told Republican voters to choose between state Rep. Donald Lebaron and Howard Stephenson in the race for state Senate.But those candidates were vying to represent a district on the southeast corner of the county.

The books should have given voters a choice between state Sen. Dix McMullin and Brent Richards. Richards won by 196 votes.

County Clerk Sherrie Swensen said Thursday 199 voters cast ballots in those six districts before the error was discovered. She has no way of knowing how many used the booths that had the wrong books. She said the most wrong booths in any district was two.

"A wild guess would be maybe 30 people who voted for the wrong candidates," she said.

Swensen said the election results will stand unless a registered voter within Senate District 5 petitions 3rd District Court for a new election.

S.L. County finishes

6200 South project

BENNION - Salt Lake County has finished work on 6200 South from Redwood Road to approximately 1900 West, and the street is now open to traffic.

It had been closed for five weeks while the entire street was rebuilt.

The asphalt surface has been replaced with 10-inch thick concrete expected to last at least 20 years. Work also included construction of a storm drain system, curb and gutter, sidewalks, utility relocation and widening to five lanes.