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The woman was good at making crafts so she wanted to start her own business and make some money by doing what she liked.

But, because she had several small children, she was reluctant to leave the home. The result was establishment of a home-based business, a growing trend in this country.After the business is established, keeping motivated is one of the biggest challenges, according to Mickey Adams, owner of M. L. Adams & Associates, a financial consulting and business management firm who established a business in her home at 12171 Pine Ridge Road, Sandy.

Adams will be the keynote speaker Saturday, Sept. 19, during a conference on home-based businesses at Salt Lake Community College.

Because people who own a home-based business frequently work alone without managers or supervisors and often without family support, Adams said staying motivated is important.

One way to stay motivated is to read various publications dealing with your business to keep up with trends in the industry. Adams said she reads the business sections of newspapers, reads business publications and other periodicals. She also listens to motivational tapes.

Adams feels she doesn't need a fancy office in her work because 80 percent of her time is spent in client's offices. She has an office in her house with all of the equipment that ordinary offices have.

Even though she is self-employed, she gets up at the same time everyday, puts on makeup and dresses so she'll look professional. "Looks are very important," she said.

She determines how much time she'll spend every day on business activities, knowing that the more successful she gets the more time it will take to run the business.

As a single parent with a son playing high school football, Adams can structure her business time around her family time, knowing that if she takes time out to attend an afternoon football game she might be working into the evening on business.

As a veteran of the corporate world (she was a chief financial officer of a 15-store chain in Albuquerque, N.M., at 38 years old), Adams found her life was full of stress. Her home-based business has nearly eliminated stress because she is organized.

She believes a person in home-based business must keep her family life separate from business activities.

An advocate of goal-setting, Adams said home-based businesspeople should set a goal they really want to achieve. She set a goal of being a CFO of a company by the time she was 50 years old and achieved it. But the stress of the corporate world forced her to change the goal.

Adams had been in Salt Lake City several times. More than 2 years ago she came to Salt Lake City to establish her business because she liked the schools, culture and scenery. She received plenty of help from the community in getting established, she said.