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Who would be foolish enough in Utah to advocate the legalization of drugs? On the other hand, how many murders, robberies and gang activities will it take to prompt major changes in the so-called war on drugs?

When will we see that the enormous profits in the drug trade will continue to compromise police, elected officials, banks and even the judicial system. People being only human, it will always be so.International observers say our society is crumbling as we declare victory in battle after battle while losing the drug war. In the meantime, we seem to enrich the dark avenues of crime by making guns easily available to anyone old enough to pull a trigger.

The National Rifle Association has virtual control of our lawmakers via lobbyists and political action committees, making changes in the gun laws unlikely. So we have more crime and more guns.

It is interesting to note that drug abuse and crime are taking a back seat in the platforms of both major political parties. Are the heavy hitters tired of striking out when the moral constituency is calling the shots?

Eugene J. Faux