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In the spring of 1989, we, the faculty and staff of Altara Elementary School in Jordan District, were stunned to learn that our principal, Dr. Nancy Moore, had been appointed superintendent of Park City School District.

That ended for us an extraordinary five-year period of educational growth with Dr. Moore as our mentor and friend. We knew, however, that this superb educator could not be with us forever, so we were thrilled and excited to see her break ground as the first woman superintendent in Utah.We were envious of the patrons and children of Park City District because we knew the splendid leader they were getting to oversee their education. Our loss was certainly their gain.

To work with Dr. Moore was an exhilarating striving for excellence. Not one to tolerate mediocrity, she showed us that superior performance was demanding and hard, but oh, such fun. She raised our standard of individual achievement with positive reinforcement, always acknowledging the things we were doing through notes or verbal praise.

She recognized our individual differences and encouraged each of us to soar with our own ideas and innovations in the education process.

As a principal of more than 900 children, she was still able to make each child feel special and loved. Many evenings she spent long hours making "sunshine" calls to individual children to praise them for something special they had done or just to give them a word of encouragement.

Dr. Moore's qualifications are impeccable. With her expertise and leadership, Altara Elementary was one of the first three Utah elementary schools to be awarded the National Excellence in Education Award in 1985-86.

In view of the events in Park City during the past months, we have to say, "Park City, you really blew it."

By losing this outstanding educator, you have made a monumental blunder that has shortchanged your education system for years to come. Sadly, the ones who will pay the highest price for this mistake will be the children of Park City.

Sandra Siiter

and 35 others

Altara Elementary School