Sample questions from "The World's Stupidest IQ Test":

1. The following letters, if unscrambled, do not make certain words: OXFATM. Write them down in the correct order.2. A group of 52 sixteen- to seventeen-year-old cheerleaders are loaded onto a Boeing 727 aircraft in New York City. They are excitedly yakking, chattering and carrying on characteristic of girls their age. You are scheduled on the same flight after a 32-hour drinking binge at the Lotus Flower Lounge that started on the heels of a devastating trade show appearance where your new invention failed to muster anything but sneers, outright laughter and pointed criticism. Assuming winds are negligible, a full fuel load and a parasite drag coefficient of .0075 N, at what time will you remove the machine gun you smuggled aboard from the overhead compartment and open fire, while screaming the titles of Zamfir's last 20 world famous hits? a. Can't be figured without knowing density of JP-4 jet fuel.

b. Only the lonely c. Yes d. 126.4 KHz

3. Rash is to honest as silence is to: a) Offend b) Ounce c) Nose d) Mammal

4. Which word is most descriptive?

5. Why does water boil at 212 degrees Fahrenheit and freeze at 32 degrees F? Because: a. It is not practical to manufacture longer thermometers.

b. The weather's awfully hot when it's 212 and freezing at 32.

c. It's also 180 degrees from the North Pole to the South Pole.

d. None of the above and the question's wrong, too.

6. Define the universe and give three examples.