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On Aug. 15, William and Winnifred Call wrote a letter to the Readers' Forum decrying the price of gasoline, stating the cost limited their driving. They blamed the high price of gas on the petroleum industry. There is another cost factor that should be considered, namely taxes.

For each gallon of gas you buy, you pay 15.1 cents federal tax and 19 cents state tax, for a total of 34.1 cents per gallon.A recent article in the Readers Digest stated that 39 percent of a person's income now goes for taxes.

Here is a specific example. In 1974, the property tax on my home was $443. In 1991, it was $1,407. An increase of $964. There are widows whose property tax exceeds one month's Social Security income, and they have no other monthly income to meet their growing property tax burden.

Recently, there was an article in the paper where two of the county commissioners happily announced that the multimillion-dollar debt that financed the improved garbage system was paid off. Did the county commissioners reduce the garbage collection fee? No, they increased it.

Perhaps if people constantly lobbied for reduced taxation as the other departments and lobbyists lobby for more money, we may get some tax relief.

David E. Fullmer

Salt Lake City