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Trekkers unite.

The new science fiction channel is preparing to launch. Many cable companies throughout the nation are signing the new station, with eager viewers gleefully preparing their VCRs for the onslaught of sci-fi. But not in Utah.TCI (Total Corporate Imbeciles) is planning to get the channel in a few years. At least, that's what the friendly operator told me when I called to ask about the sci-fi channel. TCI claims that they simply cannot run that many channels without years to perform some nebulous rituals to summon the spirits of television. I've been told that TCI is the second-largest cable company in the United States. Sure doesn't seem that way to me.

The friendly operator that I talked to just kept reassuring me that they were looking into the sci-fi channel and that maybe in a few years we would see it. Well, dang it, I want my Battlestar Galactica and I want it now. If enough of us complain loudly enough, we might get our channel. If we can't, at least we have the opportunity to tell TCI what we want to see.

T. Arthur Simpson