* WINNER: Utah - for being such a good place to live. This week Northwestern National Life Insurance Co. listed Utah among the 10 healthiest states in the country. Top spot went to Minnesota, followed by Hawaii. Next in line were New Hampshire and Wisconsin (tied), Utah and Nebraska (tied), Colorado, Connecticut, Kansas and Vermont. The list is based on 17 health indicators, including infant mortality, access to health care, smoking rates and violent crime.

LOSER: West Virginia - the least healthy state for the second year in a row. Also at the bottom of the list are Mississippi, Alaska, Louisiana and New Mexico.LOSER: New York City lawyer Arthur Block. Not only did he lose his primary election race for Congress this week, his winning opponent was the late incumbent Ted Weiss. That's right - the late Ted Weiss. A dead man won. Hmmm. If it's all right for living voters to vote for dead candidates, can dead voters vote for living candidates?

* WINNER: The American College of Physicians. The other day the ACP, the nation's second-largest doctors' organization, called for regulation of physicians' own fees. It is the second national physicians group to endorse regulated fees as part of a massive overhaul of the U.S. health care system. The first was the American Academy of Family Physicians. The handwriting on the wall evidently is becoming clearer to more and more doctors. It says that if the medical profession doesn't curb its rapidly escalating charges, the government likely will.

* WINNER: Florida judge Joe Wild - for ordering a drunken driver to publish his photograph and details of the crime in a newspaper advertisement. This week the order was upheld by an appeals court. Let's hope the case sends a message to other judges - and to other drunken drivers.

LOSER: The KGB. The financially strapped and demoralized Russian intelligence agency is so short of money that it's talking about cutting its staff in half by the end of the year, forcing its spies to leave the United States. Gee, what a shame.