Andre Agassi, the tennis player, said, "Image is everything." I think he's right. Image is what won the primary election for Bob Bennett. And image is what sunk the ship for Joe Cannon.

Compare the ads of Bennett and Cannon. Bennett came from nowhere because he appeared knowledgeable, competent, direct and almost paternal in his demeanor. We felt safe with him, like the country would be in good hands. Never mind if this is true or not, his camera angles and script gave us hope and confidence.On the other hand, Joe Cannon's ads made him appear to be straight from "Leave It To Beaver," meaning homey, kind of cute, cuddly and totally innocent. A guy you'd like to have as a neighbor but not to send to Washington.

Cannon's ads were downright irritating. He had my vote all along, but it was very difficult to watch his ads on TV. They were weak and poorly made.

I believe Cannon is a very talented person, a good man, has fine ideas, loaded with determination, an able administrator. But these qualities never came across. On the contrary, they were buried under poor advertising. It's a pity that we are so influenced by how a product is packaged. Yes, I do believe that with today's thinking, "Image is everything."

In my opinion, the best man didn't win. The best ad agency did.

Yvonne Parkin

Salt Lake City