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Dear Do-It Man: I subscribe to the Deseret News and I have a question about the newspaper. When I go on vacation I call the Newspaper Agency Corp. to cancel my subscription so that the papers won't pile up on my doorstep while I'm away. I don't want to bother my neighbors about gathering the papers, either.

But in my absence, the Plus section is delivered to my home every Tuesday and Sunday. It piles up on the doorstep, defeating the purpose of canceling the paper in the first place.I don't want to impose on my neighbors to pick up the Plus section every week.

What do I have to do to stop the Plus section from coming to my home when I'm out of town and have canceled my newspaper subscription?

- Ms. D., Salt Lake City. Dear Ms. D.: The phone number to call to start and stop the Deseret News, or the Salt Lake Tribune for that matter, is 237-2900.

If you stop your paper, temporarily or permanently, your name is automatically placed on a non-subscriber list and you receive two editions of the Plus section every week - one on Sunday and one on Tuesday.

The Plus section is a special advertising section. It is included with the Deseret News every Tuesday and the Salt Lake Tribune every Wednesday. Advertisements in the Sunday Plus section are included in the Sunday editions of both papers.

Companies that advertise in the section have paid for total market coverage. Salt Lake Valley residents who don't subscribe to either paper automatically receive the Plus section.

If you want to stop your paper temporarily and you wish to avoid having your name automatically placed on a list of non-subscribers, which means the Plus section will be delivered to your doorstep on Tuesdays and Sundays, you can do one of two things:

Explain that you are going on vacation and give the operator a date to restart your subscription; or, if you do not want to give the operator a restart date, specifically state that you do not want the Plus section delivered to your home in your absence.