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OK, a final bit of whining about the 44th Annual Emmy Awards before we move on to other things.

BOOBY PRIZE: For the second year in a row, the Academy Awards won an Emmy Award for writing in the category of variety or music program.Yes, it's a bit odd of an awards show to win an award. But, in light of the disastrously unfunny, wretchedly dragged out Emmys on Sunday night, at least we need not fear that it will win any prizes.

DESERVING, UNDESERVING WINNERS: Not surprisingly, the voters in the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences didn't entirely agree with your local television editor when it came to picking the winners.

Oh, we did agree on several of the choices - "Murphy Brown" as best comedy; "Miss Rose White" as best made-for-TV movie; "The Tonight Show" as best variety, music or comedy program; Michael Jeter as best supporting actor in a comedy; Richard Dysart as best supporting actor in a drama; and Valerie Mahaffey as best supporting actress in drama.

And, although I didn't think it would win, I'm extremely pleased that my personal preference, "Northern Exposure," was named best drama.

I was also thrilled that Roseanne Arnold didn't win best actress in a comedy. (And winner Candice Bergen was my first choice.)

And there were other winners that weren't my first choice, but with which I have no argument. Craig T. Nelson as best actor in a comedy and Laurie Metcalf as best supporting actress in a comedy were both certainly deserving.

A few of the other winners were impossible to believe.

"A Woman Named Jackie" as best miniseries? What a travesty!

This was an atrocious, lumbering monstrosity that took the former first lady's life and made it look like "Dynasty." Reportedly, there was an audible gasp in the Pasadena Civic Auditorium when this Emmy was announced.

And then there were some winners who didn't even deserve to be nominated in the categories for which they won . . .

RIDICULOUS RULES: Never let it be said that the folks in charge of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences aren't a bunch of petulant little babies.

But this year, Academy President Leo Chaloukian and his cohorts have outdone themselves. As previously reported, they got peeved because of a protest over the guest actor/actress categories.

The actors and actresses were unhappy because those Emmys have been handed out during the untelevised Saturday night "technical" awards in the past. And they wanted them moved to Sunday's televised ceremonies.

In a bit of a snit, Chaloukian and Co. came up with this ridiculous "compromise" - they'd do away with the "guest" categories and lump guest performances in with the other acting categories.

Thus, on Sunday night Christopher Lloyd won the best actor in a drama for a single guest shot on the Disney series "Avonlea," beating out actors like Sam Waterston, Scott Bakula, Michael Moriarty and Rob Morrow, who perform all season long.

There was a similar situation in the best supporting actress in a comedy. Mahaffey made a few appearances on "Northern Exposure," but she was not a regular.

Hopefully, this travesty will be corrected by next year.

POOR CHOICE OF WORDS: When Roseanne Arnold, decked out in a repulsively tight, low-cut red leather dress, appeared with her husband as a presenter at the top of Sunday's ceremonies, she said, "They thought they would put us up front in case I lose and get really ugly."

It was already too late.