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Bosnian Serb commander Radovan Karadzic has signed an agreement to place heavy weapons in Sarajevo and two other cities under United Nations supervision, reports today said.

Bosnian government officials said Serb fighters also had begun withdrawing from Gorazde after a 3 1/2-month siege, but one commander said: "The war here is not over."Karadzic signed the heavy-weapons agreement late Tuesday with a top U.N. peacekeeping official, the Bosnian Serb news agency said. It said the agreement covered all heavy artillery in Sarajevo, the central town of Jajce and the northwestern town of Bihac.

But the Belgrade-based news agency Tanjug quoted Col. Armel Davout, deputy U.N. commander, as saying the agreement called for only 82 mm mortars to be put under U.N. supervision.

Karadzic said he hoped government forces also would put their Sarajevo artillery under U.N. supervision. Marrack Goulding, the U.N.'s top peacekeeping official, was expected in the Bosnian capital Thursday to start the supervision.

Karadzic said that if government forces "continue attacking us and razing our homes, either the U.N. or we will intervene."

The weapons agreement made no mention of Gorazde, the last government holdout in eastern Bosnia, where tens of thousands of refugees have been besieged by Serb militias.

U.N. officials called off a new attempt Wednesday to truck humanitarian aid to Gorazde because of a lack of safety guarantees. Serbian fighters reportedly believe the last U.N. convoy brought arms to Muslim Slav forces.