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The Salt Lake County attorney's office on Wednesday cleared a deputy sheriff of criminal wrongdoing in the Aug. 7 shooting of Stevie Manzanares, 18.

The ruling came one day before a Salt Lake County sheriff's department review board is scheduled to meet to determine whether the shooting, by deputy Vaughn Allen, violated any departmental procedures.County Attorney David Yocom said a four-member panel composed of an assistant attorney general and prosecutors from Salt Lake, Davis and Weber counties determined there was no criminal wrongdoing in the shooting.

Yocom said he met with Manzanares' parents and explained the commission's report but did not comment on how the parents felt about the decision.

Manzanares, of Magna, was driving a car when one of two friends with him allegedly tried to steal a case of beer from Smith's Food and Drug Center, 4100 S. Redwood Road. Allen and Manzanares were outside the store when the shooting occurred.