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Deena Mananarer is among the eight youths nationally whose drawings were selected in a special back-to-school T-shirt contest sponsored by the Nordstrom department store chain.

The 11-year-old Salt Lake resident produced a nature-inspired theme for her entry, which will be featured on shirts to be sold in the children's department of Nordstrom stores throughout the country. The shirts will also be available through Nordstrom's back-to-school catalogue.Deena's winning entry shows a red-haired girl with waist-length tresses sitting in a swing suspended from an apple tree. Her entry is sponsored by Basic Elements. Other sponsors include Esprit, IYA, Levi Strauss & Co., Quiksilver, Eagle's Eye, Jumping-Jacks and Keds.

For her winning effort, Deena will receive a $1,000 check made out on her behalf to her favorite charity - The Seacology Foundation. The foundation is best known for its efforts to study and seek environmentally sound ways to preserve the Earth's dwindling rain forests. Seacology's efforts are focused on preserving the ecological treasures of the South Pacific islands and providing a means to gather and study medicinally active plants for potential uses in western medicine.