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In response to Elliot Bernshaw's letter (Sept. 9) about the Disney movie "Beauty and the Beast," I have seen the movie twice and disagree with some of the things he had to say.

True, Gaston is not a great role model for children. There is no such thing as typical European or a typical anybody. Yes, he is conceited, but then again isn't every male conceited at some point in his life?Is it totally wrong to be in love with someone and want no other person? Maybe he did take things a little too far by constantly pressuring her to become his wife, but at such a young age many kids aren't going to catch on.

Some parts were a little too violent, such as the wolves attacking Belle and the Beast or when Gaston fell off the roof.

I have spoken to other people who have the same opinion as I do. Not one of us felt there were homosexual themes in this movie. The Disney people today are just as wholesome as those who worked under Walt Disney himself. One should not judge people by what they hear and read about them, nor should you judge someone's work by what they are.

Judy Carman

Salt Lake City