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Alta View Hospital-

ERB, Timothy and Nanette, Salt Lake City, boy.

HUNSAKER, Phil and Jodie, South Jordan, girl.

McARTHUR, Bret and Ronda, South Jordan, boy.

PETERSEN, Robert and Laurie, Riverton, girl.

SINGLEY, David and Joelyn, Salt Lake City, boy.

FHP Birthing Suites-

ALSOP, Steve and GeAnna, West Jordan, boy.

CASE, Peter and Christine, Sandy, girl.

HARDCASTLE, Val and Janice, Kaysville, boy.

JENNINGS, Joe and Vyckie, West Valley City, boy.

PEARSON, Michael and Saumolia, Sandy, girl.

POULSON, Tex and Ronda, Midvale, girl.

QUORP, Ana, Salt Lake City, boy.

STOKES, Glen and Jennifer, Kearns, girl.

YONTZ, Leonard and Rebecca, Salt Lake City, boy.

Holy Cross Jordan Valley Hospital-

COREY, Keith and Wendy, girl.

FINNEGAN, Ken and Brenda, boy.

FULLER, Larry and Melanie, boy.

LARSON, Mark and Stephanie, boy.

MAYER, Shannon and MASTERSON, Ty, West Valley City, boy.

MOFFETT, Steve and Lori, Sandy, girl.

OWEN, Scott and Rhonda, West Jordan, girl.

TIMOTHY, Guy and Julie, West Valley City, girl.

WORTHEN, Brian and Lisa, boy.

ZACKRISON, David and JoAnne, Sandy, boy.

LDS Hospital-

ANDREWS, Todd and Rebecca, Salt Lake City, girl.

CALLISTO, Denise, and LaCOMBE, Glade, Salt Lake City, girl.

DYE, Sheri, Salt Lake City, boy.

HACKETT, Kent and Kathleen, Salt Lake City, boy.

MITCHELL, David and Diane, Sandy, boy.

SPARKS, David and Michelle, Kaysville, girl.

WEILENMANN, Mark and Louise, Salt Lake City, girl.

St. Mark's Hospital-

ALEDO, Erenio and Cynthia, Midvale, twins, boy and girl.

ALIRES, Tom and Tina, Salt Lake City, girl.

CHATTERLEY, David and Waneen, Sandy, boy.

HALES, Calvin and Becky, West Jordan, girl.

HANSEN, Brian and Norma, West Jordan, girl.

MOORE, Russell and Lynette, Salt Lake City, girl.

NIELSEN, Michael and Kathy, Kearns, boy.

NUCCITELLI, Kevin and Julie, American Fork, boy.

SALKHORDEH, Saied and Sharareh, Salt Lake City, boy.

WELLINGTON, Donald and Kimberly, Sandy, boy.

WILLIAMSEN, Thomas and Beverley, Salt Lake City, girl.