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I want to respond to the Aug. 29 letter by a local wheelchair user that stated, "I am so sad that our beautiful Symphony Hall has no accommodations for the many arthritic, paraplegics, etc." I disagree. I am also a wheelchair user and I have discovered some of the best access in Utah at Symphony Hall.

Symphony Hall provides several free handicapped parking spaces, a spacious elevator and a "wheelchair wedge" to create a level space on their inclined floor. There are ground level entrances on both the office and main floors.However, in regard to wheelchair access, two things elevate Symphony Hall far above many other local facilities. One is their exclusive for-wheelchair-users-only restrooms, which are spacious, private and leave only patrons who can stand in line at intermission.

The other outstanding feature of Symphony Hall is the variety of seating available for wheelchair users. Most other cultural arts facilities have a few designated spaces for wheelchairs, which are usually in the most expensive section, so you have no choice of seating or price options. Symphony Hall is unique in providing 10 spaces for wheelchairs, all spaces are next to a seat for one's companion, and those 10 seats are dispersed over two levels and five different price ranges.

I acknowledge a critical need to address the problem of inaccessibility in our local facilities. However, let's validate the positive when we can find it. I congratulate Symphony Hall on the excellent wheelchair access I have enjoyed there over the years.

Arlene Carter Dredge