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With all of the campaign activity in this state, I have been wondering what is happening in the 3rd Congressional District race. It has been so quiet, other than the ridiculous rhetoric we saw when the president came to Utah County.

Recently, I saw reports of Bill Orton's kick-off for re-election. I am impressed with Orton's work ethic and his allegiance to his district to continue working on congressional matters instead of looking for votes. I am also impressed by his influence in Congress as a freshman Democrat.I have heard about more accomplishments in Orton's first term than in Howard Nielsen's entire eight years in Congress. I am disappointed in the Republicans' feeble attempt to lead a negative campaign and smear Orton's name. Didn't we see enough of that in the last election?

Orton's opponent is stating that Orton has voted in some cases for abortion, that he voted to cover up the House bank scandal and the House post office scandal. These accusations are ridiculous when the Right for Life Association gives Orton a ringing endorsement with a 100 percent voting record. I also read reports that Orton voted to disclose all of the information in both of these scandals. He obviously has nothing to hide. Let's continue to send someone who thinks about his district and does not vote on party lines.

Sandy Lewis