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Mikhail Gorb-achev, already stripped of a limousine by his old rival Boris Yeltsin as well as his job as Soviet President, suffered another setback this weekend when one of his cars was stolen, according to police reports Monday.

Fortunately police found the car, a black Volga-make four-door sedan, the kind of car often seen zooming along Moscow streets with mid-level government bureaucrats.The car was found in south Moscow, only hours after it had been stolen Saturday, and police arrested the alleged thief, according to a Gorbachev aide.

The Volga was one of three bought last month for the staff of the Gorbachev foundation, a political policy think tank set up by the former president after he resigned last December with the Soviet Union collapsing around him.

Gorbachev is on a weeklong trip to Germany, where he has been greeted by rapturous crowds still grateful to the former Communist Party general secretary for allowing the unification of the two Germanies in 1990.

Russian President Boris Yeltsin earlier this year confiscated Gorbachev's longer, sleeker, fancier official-looking Zil limousine.