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A "Vote Maury Modine Committee" volunteer from the Utah Libertarian Party says debates should include all candidates. This includes all parties.

"Who is telling us that the Democrats and Republicans are the only ones with candidates worth listening to?" the volunteer asked. "Who is afraid of competition from that `good, old-fashioned American ingenuity' being pursued by those with different opinions and ideas?"The complaint was brought on when the volunteer called local TV stations to ask if the Bob Bennett/Wayne Owens debate at the Hilton Hotel, 150 W. 500 South, on Saturday, Sept. 11, was open to all candidates.

Apparently the volunteer was informed the debate was only for Owens and Bennett because "they're the two main candidates."

The volunteer called for equal action for all candidates and said Maury Modine, Libertarian candidate for Senate, has been doing everything he can to promote a better way of governing.

"To me, any candidate on the ballot that could receive the vote of any and every voter in the district could win," the volunteer said.

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by Scott Iwasaki