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Democratic 1st Congressional District candidate Ron Holt said cleaning up the beaches at Pineview Reservoir confirmed his belief that Utah needs a beverage-container deposit law.

Holt and his volunteers sponsored a cleanup day at Pineview's most popular swimming beach at Cemetery Point near Huntsville and hauled 20 garbage bags of trash off the site."It was disturbing to see so many beer cans and beer bottles on the beach," Holt said. "We also picked up a lot of soft drink cans and bottles."

Holt also noticed a dangerous amount of broken glass and said far too many beverage containers are ending up in Utah's lakes, on the roadside and in Utah landfills.

A deposit law would substantially increase recycling of beverage containers, Holt said, "People are not going to throw away their beer and pop containers when they know they can return them to the store for a refund of five or 10 cents."

Holt said the cleanup did more for the environment in one day than Jim Hansen has done for it in 12 years in Congress.

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