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The city's moratorium on building in the section of town west of the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad tracks is probably going to be lifted next month.

"We feel as a (building) staff that it has served its purpose," Scott Carter, director of economic development, told the City Council Thursday.Carter said only a couple of months remain on the moratorium that was imposed last spring to stop growth and allow the city to conduct studies on how to handle the large demand on city services in the area.

"My recommendation is that the moratorium should be lifted," Mayor James Layton told the council.

Carter said the moratorium stopped subdivision construction during the busy summer building months and he foresees nothing being built in west Layton during the slow winter season that existing city services and utilities couldn't adequately handle. He'll now draft a new ordinance officially ending the moratorium. The draft might be ready as soon as Oct. 1 for council consideration.

During the moratorium, an appeals committee was used to consider individual building requests in west Layton.