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Clashes and shelling Monday around Sarajevo shattered a one-day lull in fighting, with Serbian artillery pounding Bosnian lines on key battlefronts along the northern and western edges of the city, witnesses and news reports said.

The fighting erupted at about 8 a.m. on Zuc mountain, located between Sarajevo and the Serb-held town of Vogosca, and then spread to several neighborhoods near the downtown and suburbs out near the U.N.-controlled airport, witnesses and news reports said.The fighting came after a 24-hour break in serious violence and just before the deputy commander of the U.N. Protection Force (UNPROFOR), French Gen. Phillipe Morillon, began a day of separate talks with Bosnian government and Serbian leaders on a major expansion of the multi-national contingent.

The U.N. Security Council has authorized a 6,000-man increase in the 1,500-troop force to protect relief convoys and avert a major humanitarian disaster when the harsh Balkan winter begins.