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A $100,000 grant from the Utah Community Impact Board will assure completion of a $1 million improvement project in the southwest sector of Richfield and help pay for over-run costs.

The city is also providing $42,000, partly from volunteer and in-kind donations, said Mayor Jay C. Andersen. He reported the project cost more than was anticipated because of additional leveling at a sports complex and $63,000 for fencing.Some two miles of new road construction has been completed on 500 South Street and from the I-70 south access road to the Sevier Valley Applied Technology Center.

Additional access has been provided to and from the Rotary Park, where youth baseball and adult softball games are frequently played during the summer months.

Another lighted ball park was constructed near the Tech as part of the project. The city has a third ball park at the Lions Park, although only one game can be played there at a time. The other parks have multiple diamonds.

A sprinkling system was also included in the project to meet future needs of the Tech Center.

The major portion of the project was financed by the Community Impact Board. Richfield City obtained a $500,000 grant and a $500,000 loan, the latter to be amortized over 25 years. The city invested $210,000 in a bond, so the interest will pay for the loan.