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Former space shuttle astronaut Mary L. Cleve will address the second annual NASA Teachers' Workshop Thursday, Sept. 24, at Weber State University.

Cleve will speak at 8 a.m. in the Austad Auditorium of the Val A. Browning Center for the Performing Arts.In a speech titled "The Changing Surface of the Planet Earth,"

Cleve will discuss the potential benefits of studying large-scale environmental changes from outer space.

The one-day workshop will explain how to use space technology in elementary and high school science and mathematics classes. More than 350 teachers from Utah, Idaho and Wyoming are expected to attend.

Other workshop speakers include Thomas Gates, John Lowerison and Fred W. Naeher, all education experts from NASA's Ames (Iowa) Research Center; Dale A. Bremmer, an aerospace specialist from NASA headquarters in Washington, D.C.; Pat Armstrong, an education expert from NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center; David J. Comer, a robotics expert from Brigham Young University; Kay D. Baker, senior scientist at Utah State's Center for Space Engineering; Bob Twiggs, director of Weber State's Center for Aerospace Technology; and several Utah teachers who use space technology in their classrooms.

The teachers' workshop is sponsored by NASA's Ames Research Center, Thiokol Corp. and Weber State.