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The year 1992 is almost over, but that didn't dissuade Gov. Norm Bangerter from declaring it "The Year of the Quin-cen-tenary" of Columbus' voyage to America 500 years ago.

"It is fitting for us now to contemplate the colossal consequences of the Columbus journey," Bangerter wrote in a proclamation signed Monday, urging all Utahns to participate in the festivities.Though Columbus never dropped anchor or set foot anywhere near Utah, Bangerter noted that the explorer's discovery "signaled the beginning of contact between vastly different cultures and opened the Americas to exploration and immigration by Europeans."

"The state of Utah has benefited from the meeting and intermingling of people born in this area with people arriving from other places in the world, near and far," the proclamation stated.

Bangerter in his proclamation also officially recognized the "Columbus 500 Celebration," which will take place Saturday-Monday, Oct. 10-12, at Washington Square, the site of the City-County Building.

The three-day festival will feature exhibits, ethnic food booths, entertainment and a nightly fireworks display.