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I would like to address this letter to the Mike Leavitt campaign. I am a Republican who has worked in the trenches of this party since I was a teenager. Through the years, I have not often strayed from the GOP tickets.

However, I want to express my feelings about the upcoming general election. The good-old-boy network in Republican politics has brought me to the point where I am ready to jump ship. I don't believe I am alone in saying that politics as usual will not be sufficient for me to support the Leavitt candidacy.The Leavitt campaign must convince me that the endorsements received from Bangerter, Garn and the UEA do not mean that he will continue their policies and agenda.

I want to be able to support Leavitt, but he must convince me and thousands of others that we don't have to turn to Cook or pro-choice Hanson. Convince me that the UEA will not have a stooge in the governor's mansion despite their potential contributors. Convince me so I can in good conscience work for Leavitt's election.

Jeff Swanson