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Glen J. Thornley, director of Chemistry Stores in the department of chemistry and biochemistry at Utah State University, was recently named Outstanding Scientific Materials Manager of the Year by the National Association of Scientific Materials Managers (NAOSMM).

Since beginning his career at USU in 1975, Thornley has been responsible for managing the budget and inventory of scientific materials used by researchers across campus. He is also an administrative assistant to the department head of chemistry and biochemistry and developed the materials safety data sheets for campus laboratories. The sheets are required by federal law and explain which chemicals may be in use in a laboratory and how to use them safely.According to a nomination from USU Provost Karen Morse, Thornley initiated computerizing the inventory and made other major improvements in the way Chemistry Stores operates.

Thornley is a member of the university's safety committee and conducts a laboratory safety and materials handling orientation each year for new graduate students.

Thornley is a former vice president and secretary of NAOSMM.