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The arrest in Minnesota of a former Roman Catholic priest accused of molesting scores of children more than 20 years ago was met with relief by his alleged victims.

"Right now, this is all worth it, the pain of 30 years," said Peter Calerdone, one of the people who say they were molested by James R. Porter. "I just hope full justice is served."Porter was arrested Monday without incident at his home in Oakdale, Minn., a St. Paul suburb, said Kim Blaiser, a spokeswoman for the Washington County (Minn.) sheriff's department. He was held on a warrant alleging sexual assault.

District Attorney Paul Walsh did not disclose any charges Monday but scheduled a news conference Tuesday afternoon to discuss the case.

George Hardie, 43, of North Attleboro said he and other alleged victims were told by the district attorney's office that Porter had been indicted. Roderick MacLeish, a lawyer for some of the accusers, said the indictment contains 46 counts of sexual abuse involving 32 people.

Porter's lawyer released a statement saying he did not think Porter could get a fair trial because of publicity surrounding the investigation.

Porter, who is married and has four children, left the priesthood in the early '70s. He admitted in a statement this summer that he had molested "a number of children.'