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A 3rd District Judge has ruled Edward White is competent to stand trial in the January shooting death of his 15-year-old sister, Anja.

At the Monday competency hearing, Judge Anne Stirba said psychological evaluations of White, 19, raise several points that may be important at trial but that do not convince her White is incompetent to stand trial.One doctor said in a written report that White is "gravely mentally ill." White's attorney, Lynn Brown, implied hallucinations, seizures and a head injury may have affected White and could play a role in his defense.

Dr. Mark Rindflesh, a psychiatrist who evaluated White on three separate occasions, testified at the competency hearing, saying he found White's mental capacity to be "slightly below normal" but that he believes White is competent, by legal standards, to stand trial.

White is charged with the murder of his sister, who was shot eight times while lying in her bed in their Sandy home.