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The conditional-use permit used by The Country Place of Utah, a two-story home that houses troubled youths, does not automatically transfer to other users of the property.

Juab County Commissioners agreed the property could not be used, even by those in the same type of business, unless the commissioners agreed to the use.Those seeking to use the home, located in Juab County north of Mona on old U.S. 91, must seek the same kind of conditional use permit before opening a live-in home for troubled youth on the property, agreed commissioners.

The commission was informed by letter that the group home had been purchased by Intermountain Youth Care, which is not planning a change in the use of the facilities.

County commissioners assigned Don Eyre Jr., Juab County attorney, to inform the old owners of the facility that the conditional use permit did not transfer with the sale of the home and a group home would be illegal unless the new owners obtained the same permit.

A conditional use permit requires a public hearing.