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A Missouri man charged with first-degree murder and other offenses following a wild truck drive that claimed one life is in Carbon County Jail awaiting the second phase of his arraignment.

At the beginning of the arraignment Friday, bond for John David Young, 35, Lebanon, Mo., was set at $500,000, and Allen S. Thorpe, Castle Dale, Emery County, was appointed to defend him.The arraignment was then continued until Wednesday at 9:30 a.m. to give Thorpe, who is public defender for Carbon County, time to prepare some documents.

A preliminary hearing was tentatively set for Monday, Sept. 28, and officials said the date will probably be confirmed at the hearing Wednesday.

Carbon County Sheriff Jim Robertson said Young, who was driving a semitrailer truck loaded with eight used cars and pickup trucks, has given no explanation why he turned off U.S. 6 onto Consumers Road last Wednesday.

On Consumers Road, most often used by coal haulers and recreationists, Young is accused of ramming his way through a construction zone, endangering motorists and construction workers.

After encountering a dead end and starting back the other way, Young is accused of ramming a Utah Department of Transportation pickup driven by Harvey Johnson 34, Cedar City. Johnson, who was trying to warn other motorists, was killed when his pickup was forced over an embankment.

The semi - still loaded with vehicles - continued on until it reached a police roadblock five miles down the road.

The first-degree murder charge was filed in connection with Johnson's death. Young is also charged with aggravated assault against Burl Anglin, Marc Brunatti, Dale Hutchings, William Cane, Max Murdoch and Noal Peterson. In addition, Young is charged with unlawful possession of marijuana and with possession of drug paraphernalia.

Carbon County Sheriff Jim Robertson said Young's hauling trip originated in Tampa, Fla.

Chief Deputy Mike Martinez said results of blood tests have not been received from the state toxicology laboratory. He said officers will investigate whether the vehicles Young was hauling were stolen. If they were not, they will be released to the owners.

Robertson said reports that Young was trying to avoid a highway patrol checking station located at Castle Gate are only speculation. It is believed Young was traveling west and would have come to Consumers Road in the vicinity of the Carbon golf course before sighting the checking station.

Martinez, who helped set up the police roadblock, said in his more than 13 years as a sheriff's officer he has never worked on a case that posed so much potential danger for so many people.