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All but four of Utah's school districts have settled teacher contracts for the 1992-93 school year.

Still negotiating are Beaver, Millard, San Juan and Wayne districts. Teachers in Granite and Jordan, the two largest districts, recently ratified agrements, said Jim Eldredge of the Utah Education Association.The average salary adjustment is 2.19 percent, with a 12.4 percent average increase in insurance benefits. The 1992 Legislature appropriated 3 percent increase in the weighted pupil unit to cover all raises and other inflationary costs.

Granite teachers will get a 3 percent increase, in addition to a $200 increase on Step 20. Jordan's pact includes a 1.5 percent increase. Davis District agreed to a 1 percent increase, with an agreement to reopen negotiations if there are any significant changes in the district's financial situation.

Cache District, where teachers went the full 1991-92 school year without a contract, added 2.5 percent to contracts, with the option to reopen discussions later in the year. The district has a new superintendent and is working out problems that led to dissension last year.

As of Sept. 16, 97.3 percent of Utah teachers had reached agreement with their districts.