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Who has time to comparison shop these days? Money saved on "real deals" can be eaten up in the cost of gasoline used to find them.

Now, Utah Valley shoppers can comparison shop without leaving home, with the help of two smart shoppers. Monty Scott, Pleasant Grove, and Steve Hatch, American Fork, have started a new service called Consumer-Source, which searches out rock-bottom prices on consumer goods and services. They are publishing their findings in a directory called, "The Very Best Buys in Utah Valley.""I came across an idea similar to this 12 years ago," Scott said. "I thought it sounded like a good idea, but I let it sit in the back of my mind all these years."

As the recent problems of national economy and debt developed and the cost of living increased, Scott said the idea resurfaced. He needed a partner to do it, one in the printing business. So, Scott approached his friend Hatch.

"We've researched many places either through phone calls or personal visits to ascertain prices on items of interest to consumers . . . also goods and services," Scott said. "We compiled the information and from there made a composite of where to buy things."

The directory will list the top three to five businesses with the best buys in each category. The directory will be printed semiannually with a follow-up newsletter every month.

The newsletter will also offer money-saving tips and information. Two examples include tips on how to save 50 percent on auto insurance and how to save on utility costs.

"I think there's a need out there," Scott said. "There doesn't seem to be a whole lot people can do about the economy . . . so we decided to do something here in this community to help people out."

Scott, a professional fund-raiser, hopes to keep consumers updated throughout the year on where the best buys are and when they change.

The directory will cost $6. But the newsletter, which will have updated prices monthly, will have a yearly subscription rate of $36.

"If readers do not save money as a result of having this information, we will gladly refund their mon-ey," Scott said.

Those interested in purchasing the Very Best Buys in Utah Valley directory can send $6, plus $1.50 for mailing, to "Consumer-Source/Very Best Buys Directory, 50 E. 500 South, Dept. 10, Provo, UT 84606. Or for more information call Hatch at 377-3335.