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I cannot follow the reasonings behind Elliot Bernshaw's (Forum, Sept. 9) letter concerning Disney's "Beauty and the Beast." In fact, his letter had very little to do with reason.

Perhaps I am naive, but I saw nothing in this film that promoted homosexuality, and none of the arguments he made had anything to do with homosexuality.As for the film's "very real attack on the white, straight male," he again failed to substantiate his objection. And I fail to see what race has to do with any of this.

"Beauty and the Beast" was a beautiful film full of good messages for children. Selflessness, charity and judgment made on more than outer appearances are lessons all of us need.

Howard Ashman should be praised for his work on this film. The fact that he was homosexual should not be considered in the measurement of his talent or the intent of his work. The fact that he died of AIDS should be considered a tragedy.

If someone could intelligently show me how this film promotes homosexuality, I would be wary of my children viewing it. But irrational arguments that appear to be based on fear and hatred will not convince me of anything.

Jacque Crook