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The recent state primary election campaign conducted by Democratic senatorial candidate Doug Anderson against Wayne Owens typifies the glaring hypocrisy of too many of today's politicians.

Throughout his worse-than-average, mud-slinging campaign, Anderson lambasted Owens with everything but the kitchen sink, calling him anything but good. Not once did we hear him agree with Owens or have one decent thing to say about him. Yet, on the eve of his defeat, Anderson swung his support to Owens, as if nothing was wrong with his tasteless, ugly rhetoric.How, in truth and honesty, can a candidate call his opponent inefficient, wasteful, self-serving and downright dishonest one day, and support him for the U.S. Senate the next?

The answer is obvious - the politicians will say anything to get elected. And, if that doesn't work, they'll do anything to promote their party, right or wrong. Such hypocrisy is nothing short of sickening.

Joseph H. Evans