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Of interest

ClintonWhat: Clinton Recreation karate and hunter safety classes.

When: Karate classes begin Thursday; hunter safety Oct. 7.

Where: Call 825-5398 for more information. Register at the Clinton offices, 1906 W. 1800 North.


What: National Arts Week open house.

When: Thursday, Sept. 24, 7:30-9 p.m.

Where: Heritage Museum, 403 N. Wasatch Drive.


Davis County

Election flap: Postcards sent on the eve of the primary election painted County Commission candidate Dannie McConkie as a Democrat disguised as a Republican; McConkie lost by about 4,000 votes to incumbent Gayle Stevenson. Everybody has a theory on who sent the cards. See story on Page B4.

Davis area movies on Page B3.

More local news on B3-5.