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The annual Women of Courageous Action Awards for 1992 will be given at a dinner on Friday, Sept. 25, sponsored by the Utah National Organization for Women.

Jane Edwards, director of the Salt Lake YWCA; Barb Barnhart, AIDS educator; and Cecilia Konchar Farr, assistant professor of English at Brigham Young University, will be recognized for their "profound contributions to the quality of life for women and minorities in the state of Utah."According to Robin Frodge, Utah NOW executive director, "Active and committed women risk the alienation of friends and family, their reputations and their jobs by stepping out of the mainstream to address our society's unjust treatment of women."

Edwards believes in starting early to prevent domestic violence. She is proud of all the YWCA programs, she says, but especially of PACT (Peer Approach to Counseling for Teens). Teaching young men and women about healthy relationships may eventually keep a whole generation of women from needing the services of the YWCA's battered women's shelter.

Barnhart is a registered nurse who was diagnosed with AIDS in 1990. In her work with the Utah AIDS Foundation and People With AIDS Coalition, she has informed more than 8,000 Utahns about the disease. AIDS does not discriminate in whom it attacks, she says. "I am committed to helping develop programs that help women and children deal with this virus."

After completing a book called "Emphasis Mine: Autobiographical Fiction and the Modernists Woman Writer," Farr is at work on a study of Martha Gellhorn, the war correspondent and political writer. Farr is also a co-adviser to VOICE: BYU's Committee to Promote the Status of Women.

Tickets are available to the dinner by calling 483-5188.