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I am extremely concerned about the statewide developments regarding fee waivers. As a junior at Olympus High School and an active member of the debate squad, I hope that the court decision pertaining to the new fee waiver can be altered.

I empathize with students who would like to participate in certain school programs but who face financial challenges. But, if a student truly wants to be involved in such activities, then it is his or her responsibility to find means to meet the requirements of such programs.I have had to obtain a part-time job to pay for a percentage of my debate activities. There are jobs available for students who are willing to work.

Even if a student has a parent or guardian who can pay such expenses, as determined by the student's chosen involvement, it may still be advisable for the student to somehow support himself or herself.

Employment experiences during a student's teenage years often result in increased financial responsibility, maturity, purchasing wisdom, work appreciation and common sense. Frequently, such students are more prepared to compete in the real world once they have finished their public education.

Also, it is not fair for the school to have to use a majority of its fund to pay student activity fees. Partial school financial support for extracurricular activities is understandable and admirable, but the bulk of the school's budget should be committed to academic needs, specifically teachers, textbooks and certain valid educational devices.

I do not mean to sound uncaring, but I see no justice in complicating the life of every high school student in Utah over this situation.

Amy Morton

Salt Lake City