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Don R. Brown, assistant professor in the mechanical engineering department and adjunct assistant professor in the computer science department at the University of Utah, and Lynn H. Blake, vice president of research and business development for Sorenson Development Inc., have been appointed to the board of trustees of the Wayne Brown Institute.

The institute is a nonprofit organization helping Utah companies attract the funding and managerial resources necessary to succeed, according to Brad Bertoch, executive director.A son of the late Wayne Brown, for whom the institute was named, Brown founded the Design Systems Laboratory at the U. and has two patents pending.

Blake is the former co-director of the Utah Division of Business and Economic Development. He has supervised research efforts at the National Institutes of Health and the Medical University of South Carolina.

Other members of the board are Bertoch; F. Lynn DeBry, KPMG Peat Marwick; J. Robert Fowler, Capital City Bank; attorney James U. Jensen; G. Robert Ruff, Evans Communications; and Richard L. Shanaman, Utah Ventures.