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Vice President Dan Quayle says abortion "is not an issue" with the American people, and the controversy about the Republican Party's stand on it is "simply a creation" of the news media.

Flying back from a campaign trip Wednesday to Texas and Oklahoma, Quayle said that in the past month he has talked with "hundreds and hundreds of people" in coffee shops and shopping malls "and not one person has talked to me about abortion.""It is not an issue with the American people," Quayle said.

Quayle also said his running battle with the "Murphy Brown" show "is over. When talking about Hollywood, no longer am I going to mention specific television shows." Meanwhile, Quayle's wife Marilyn said Thursday she does not believe abortion should be outlawed in all cases and believes that in instances of rape, "everything possible should be done to prevent a pregnancy from occurring."

The vice president's wife made the comment on "CBS This Morning" as the Republican ticket sought to win back moderate voters and put more distance between itself and the flat abortion ban urged by the platform produced at the party convention in Houston.

Asked by interviewer Paula Zahn in the session taped in Washington on Wednesday if abortion should be made illegal in all cases, Marilyn Quayle said simply: "No."