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Three Layton teenagers have been referred to juvenile authorities in the assault of a Kaysville teen after a football game Friday night, according to Kaysville police.

The three, two age 15 and a 16-year-old, were in Kaysville apparently looking for a fight, according to Kaysville Police detective Bill Allen.They got out of their car around 11:15 p.m. and approached a group of teenagers in front of a convenience store on Main Street and challenged them, Allen said.

One 13-year-old youth was struck in the face, suffering broken facial bones, an eye injury and a concussion. The victim spent two days in the University Medical Center and is now home, recovering.

Allen said the three juveniles he talked to admitted to the incident but told him they thought someone in the group on the street had assaulted one of their friends the week before.

"They told me they thought one of the kids there had hit one of their friends in the chest with a crowbar the week before," Allen said. "I tend to disbelieve that, based on the nature of the group that was on the street."

Allen said he doesn't believe the incident was gang-related. The three youths being referred to juvenile authorities don't appear to be gang members or have gang affiliations, but Allen said two of them have prior juvenile records.

The incident was also not provoked by any high school or athletic rivalry, Allen said. Davis High School played Bonneville High School that night, not Layton, he said.

"It appears to me they were just cruising, looking for a fight," Allen said.