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I appreciate the Deseret News publishing, a few weeks ago, the political platforms of both the Democrats and Republicans. Hopefully, for the general elections, this public service will include the platforms of all political parties.

After I read and studied the published platforms, I determined that I could not support the Democratic ticket, as some of the philosophy contradicted some of my most basic beliefs. However, neither can I vote for President Bush. I feel there have been too many coverups, manipulations and lies by too many people in high places, including the president himself.I always thought that one of the most sacred duties of the president was to uphold and defend the Constitution. When Bush espouses the "new world order," he is touting a one-world government. It is time we Americans wake up, study the Constitution and find out what is going on in our country, opposing those who would seek to destroy our Constitution, taking away our liberties and rights that have been guaranteed to us.

Helen McDermott

Salt Lake City