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It has come to my attention that the Midvale postmaster and many of the workers in his office are scheming to do away with our right to have mail delivered to our door.

Instead, they want us to put boxes on the curb. Or they may even try and push for you to walk down your block to a big box for everybody on the street.In the long range, I can see that this is a terrible mistake. I hope that new U.S. postmaster will see this. The post office is up against electronic mail and other competitors that will eat them alive if they keep diminishing mail services.

There is also a personal gripe. With delivery to the door, it is neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow, nor dead of night keeping you from getting your mail. But with curbside delivery, you don't get your mail if you can't keep the curbside area snow shoveled, if a vehicle is parked in front of the box or is someone vandalizes or knocks down your box.

There is also the concern that your mail is more likely to be stolen out by the curb. And what happens if you are sick, disabled, old or just tired? You would have to wait until you could impose on a friend or relative to get the mail.

I realize the post office is having a hard time, but why does it have to put the brunt of needed budget cuts on service reductions to their customers?

William Rawley