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Bob and Marjorie McBride are retiring for the second time in their lives, and the agencies in Ogden that feed the poor will be poorer.

She ran a program to distribute food to the poor. He was on the board of directors of a homeless shelter and helped build homes for the homeless. Both collected food for the hungry.Together they started the northern Utah "Share the Harvest," which this year is providing surplus food to several thousand people.

And during the past nearly two decades, they also led other lives, getting degrees at the local college, going on archaeological digs, traveling.

But now, Bob McBride, with inoperable lung cancer, has to stop. And his wife wants to spend time with him.

Their work in the various food programs of Weber County started after 1973, when Bob McBride retired from his job with the U.S. Forest Service.

"When I retired I thought, `I'm not going to vegetate in front of the TV, and I'm not going to play golf that much,' " he said.

It started, said Marjorie, with her work in the local Presbyterian church, which assigned her to its hunger project. She went to a regional meeting in Denver, then got involved with the local SHARE Inc. project, which supplies emergency food to families.

"Through that I got acquainted with Steve Johnson (director of Utahns Against Hunger in Salt Lake City), so when he started Share the Harvest down there I said, `I think we can do that up here,' " she said.

"Truly we know we live in the richest country in the world, but we waste so much that could go to feed the hungry," he said. "But here locally they grow so much produce that it's a motivation to have people donate."