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After a three-month fight, the Chicago Cubs won the right to remain in the National League East.

Baseball's executive council said Thursday it was rescinding NL realignment, leaving baseball with the unusual geography in which Chicago and St. Louis are in the East Division while Atlanta and Cincinnati are in the West.Former commissioner Fay Vincent ordered realignment on July 6, but the Cubs, owned by the Tribune Co., obtained a preliminary injunction blocking the plan, which would have moved the Cubs and Cardinals to the NL West and the Braves and Reds to the NL East.

Milwaukee Brewers owner Bud Selig, chairman of the executive council, said the decision was made Wednesday evening in a unanimous vote during a telephone conference call following less than 30 minutes of discussion. The 10-person executive council rules the major leagues when the commissioner's office is vacant.

"I consider this an extremely positive development for baseball," Selig said in a statement. "We can move forward to resolve the realignment issue through consensus rather than confrontation, which is the approach I would like to take to each and every problem confronting the game today."