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History comes alive this weekend in the most unlikely of places: the city cemetery.

Costumed actors portraying 12 of the city's early pioneers will stand beside the settlers' graves during a historical walking tour and tell audiences about the life of the passed one.Sponsored by the city's Centennial Committee, the tour is intended to help residents understand how the pioneers contributed to the settlement of Bountiful.

Many of the pioneers will be represented by their direct descendants. Those featured include Perrigrine Sessions, Hannah Holbrook, Elizabeth Haven Barlow and John Stoker.

The tour runs Saturday from 3 to 5 p.m. at the cemetery, 2020 S. 200 West. Each tour lasts about 90 minutes, and organizers expect to take at least three groups. A $2 donation for the tour will help pay for a bronze statue celebrating the city's centennial this year.