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Police are investigating the Sept. 13 gunshot death of a man after a domestic argument.

The initial circumstances point to suicide, but police returned to the apartment with a search warrant and confiscated several other weapons as part of their investigation after an autopsy showed the bullet that killed the man was different than others found in the gun at the scene.According to a search warrant filed with 3rd Circuit Court, Cliff G. Craig had arrived at his apartment at 8510 S. State at around midnight and began arguing with the woman he lived with. She told police he kicked and hit her. She said she then went to bed but could hear Craig pulling back the slide on his .45 caliber semiautomatic pistol and releasing it.

She returned to the front room and saw Craig pointing the pistol at his face "and saying that he was not any good for her and she would be better off without him." She was getting up from the couch when she saw Craig grab the gun and point it at his head.

"She then heard the gun go off, and the deceased fell on the floor with a gunshot wound to the head," the search warrant says, adding that the woman then called 911 and summoned police.

Police recovered a .45 caliber pistol containing a round in the chamber and two rounds in the magazine, along with a spent bullet casing similar to those still in the pistol. The rounds in the pistol had solid lead, round-nosed bullets. A state autopsy, however, revealed that the bullet that killed Craig was an aluminum-jacketed hollow point.