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I was shocked to read how a line-item veto could "severely damage the checks and balances devised by the framers of the Constitution." The idea behind a line-item veto is to bring checks and balances back to the system.

Too many senators and congressmen know that they can get money for a useless idea through "You scratch my back and I will scratch yours," and sneak a frivolous item into a bill that needs to pass. That is why so many politicians are against a line-item veto.I suppose that if we had a strong president who would veto any bill that had frivolous legislation, that would help, but then Congress would cry unfair, override the whole bill and nothing would be accomplished.

If an item is strong enough to have the support of the people or be good for the people and is vetoed, Congress will override the veto. The line-item veto is designed to remove the "pork" that is in politics.

There are many line items that get passed each session but cannot be dropped because vetoing the entire bill would cause chaos.

I, myself, would like to know that any money that I receive through some affiliation that I belong to is going to be for the good of the people, not just the good of me.

K.C. Norseth